Nutrition & Fitness Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Stop Guessing!

 As you are aware, we all respond to foods and exercise differently. Recently, we discovered the best solution to accurately pinpoint how you respond to certain foods, and what types of activity are best for you.

We use Gene Blueprint genetic tests to provide personalized nutrition and fitness advice based on your genetic makeup. This program is available for both in-person and remote clients. 

Genetic Testing

About GeneBlueprint

GeneBlueprint is a genetic testing company that can reveal what style of nutrition plan, and what activities are best for you. Through the use of a simple cheek swab, they can provide you with insights for 15+ fitness and nutrition related traits. Using the results from this test, our team will be able to customize an action plan to optimize your health! 

Genetic Testing

Not All Gene Scores Are Created Equally

GeneBlueprint patented gene prediction scores are proven to be a minimum of 14 times more predictive than other genetic prediction scores. 

Why is that important?

Because, to make accurate recommendations, genetic prediction scores need to be to highly accurate. You would never build a house on a shaky foundation. Our solid gene scores are the foundation of our personalized health and wellness programs.

The Test

Nutrition & Fitness Genetic Test - $350 - Save 20% in January


The Nutrition  & Fitness Genetic Test is designed to help you meet your nutrition & fitness goals with personalized advice based on your genetics. 

Step 1: complete the web form below to get started. Once we have contacted you we will provide you with your Gene Blueprint Kit. The kit can be mailed to remote clients (Shipping fee applies). 

Step 2: return your sample for DNA analysis.

Step 3: book your  consultation to have your results reviewed and receive personalized nutrition & fitness advice to meet your goals.​

We can work with you in person or remotely. Contact us here to get started!


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