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Weight Loss Success, Weight Loss, Healthy Meal Plan, Weight Loss Plans

I’ve worked with Heidi at Ideal and I’ve lost over 40 pounds. It’s life changing and I couldn’t be happier!!! I’ve tried many different ‘fad’ diets, but I always put the weight back on... The program changes your eating habits. In my house, we don’t say we’re on a ‘diet’, we’ve had a lifestyle change, re-teaching ourselves how to eat healthy. Even the boys are loving veggies and salad. Great doable recipes. For me, the accountability is huge. Heidi is non-judgmental, she truly wants you to be the best that you can. I couldn’t be happier with my results. Give it a try!!!

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person!    - Kim B.

Weight Loss Success, Weight Loss, Life Change, Goals

I lost 128 lbs. in 28 weeks and I feel great. I have been able to maintain my new weight for over a year. I will never go back to that size again, thanks to Ideal Weight Loss in Pembroke!

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person!   -  Cory T.

Weight Loss, Weight Loss Plan

  I came to Ideal Weight Loss after having had a stroke. I achieved my objective to lose 30 lbs. even while on a restricted diet due to allergies to gluten and dairy. The program was very easy to follow. I especially liked the dietary and nutritional tips from Heidi Maher. The whole team was always professional and courteous.

 Thanks so much Ideal Weight Loss Center for your support during my recovery process!

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person!   -  Andrea Costello 

Weight Loss Success, Weight Loss Plan, Healthy Meal Plan

As an athlete my entire young life, I never gave a second thought to what I ate. It never mattered because I would burn off the calories. As an adult I continued my habit of eating whatever I pleased and it showed as the pounds piled on. After my father passed away I knew I needed help to get my weight and health back on track, not just for me but for my family.

 Thanks to Ideal Weight Loss I have overhauled my diet and have learned how to eat appropriately. The coaching and support from Heidi helped me lose 53 pounds and shed over 17% of my body fat. I now wear the same size clothes as I did in high school. I can’t remember the last time I felt this good.

 I have no doubt I have the formula to maintain my weight and health for life. My only regret is not coming to Ideal Weight Loss sooner.

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person!   -  Joe B. 

Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance, Healthy Meal Plan, Weight Loss Plan

My weight loss wakeup call arrived in May 2016.  I had stepped on the scale and was back up over 200 pounds.  I had finally hit that point in my life that I needed to take control and stop yo-yo dieting as many call it.  I had finally reached a mind over matter state of being where I needed to do something about my weight and only I could make that decision.  All the excuses and telling myself I will do it someday needed to stop.  “Just do it” needed to be my focus. Not sure why so many negative thoughts consumed me all the time, I think it’s just how uncomfortable I was on the inside and how I hid from the truth the scale showed.  The secret to my success was making the call to Ideal Weight Loss and finding the guidance and support from Heidi.  For so long I had been doing everything my way and this needed to change.  I suffered from a bacterial stomach infection for over 5 years and ignored the signs that my body was giving me after I made bad food choices.  I would end up with rashes, upset stomach, and even bloating.  But my addiction to food always took main stage.  Once I started losing weight with Ideal Weight Loss, I knew that I had finally found something that made me feel more alive, determined and proud.  Following the lifestyle changes Heidi and Ideal Weight Loss provided was actually simple compared to any choices I had make before.  It took me several weeks to realize that my mind and body didn’t need all those “poor choices” to survive and I stopped craving them.  With Ideal Weight Loss I have become center stage and food is no longer running and ruining my life.   I have taken control over something that had dominated me for over 20 years.  I am extremely grateful for my relationship with Heidi and the Ideal Weight Loss program.  I can finally stand in front of the mirror with confidence, strength and appreciation for myself that was missing for so many years.

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person!   -  Lyndsay S. 

Weight Loss Plan, Weight Loss, Nutritionist, Healthy Meal Plan

Dear Heidi & Colleen,

As a “thank you” this letter seems wholly insufficient. It is no exaggeration to say that you, and Ideal Weight Loss, gave me my life back. I am forever grateful.

When I came to you in January of this year, I was desperate and doubtful. My weight gain had gotten to the point that I could no longer do the things that I enjoyed because I had become physically unable. My self-esteem had diminished to the point where I could no longer see myself as who I once was. Yet, I had little confidence that this could change.

Every attempt that I had made, on my own, to lose weight had failed. I was almost certain that this program would too. But you proved me wrong.

Everything that you said would happen on the Ideal Weight Loss program happened. The plan was not at all hard to follow and I was immediately encouraged by the simple mistakes in my thinking that you corrected at the very start. The dreaded hunger never appeared, as you said it wouldn’t. And the weight started to fall off, as you said it would. The visible success, coupled with the encouragement and advice that I received at my weekly meetings, help me to not only continue, but to be excited at my progress.

By July of this year, I had met my goal. I had lost 95 pounds! I truly felt like a different person. In fact, I must have become one, because so many people who had not seen me throughout the transition no longer recognized me. I was, and remain excited to tell my story to those who are shocked at the result.

Now, my life has improved in more ways than even I had hoped for; I am able to do the things that I missed, but importantly, things that I thought that I could still do, I find that I am able to do so much better. I have more confidence and am, once again, happy with who I am. Thank you for helping me find my smile.

Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person! - David L.

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